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Web App & Desktop App
Tech Stack
.Net, Laravel PHP, MySQL, AI

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The Nigaah-VideoSurvelience platform is an AI-based platform based on a deep learning algorithm that counts the number of persons in real-time. It is mainly used in real life for automated public monitoring from particular entry or exit points of premises. Crowd counting is done using CCTV video streams in real-time. 


The City government was struggling to manage large crowds and maintain public safety during major events and festivals. They needed a way to accurately count the number of people in public spaces and monitor crowd movement in real-time to prevent overcrowding and identify potential safety hazards. 

  • Difficulty managing large crowds during major events and festivals
  • Limited Visibility and Understanding of Crowd Sizes and Movements
  • Potential legal and financial liabilities due to safety concerns and inadequate crowd management strategies
  • Inability to identify and address specific needs and preferences of different groups of attendees
  • Limited resources and staffing to effectively manage and monitor large crowds in real-time


We offer a wide range of features to crowd counting application. 



Real-Time Identification

The system can provide real-time identification of individuals, making it useful in security and law enforcement applications.


Facial Pattern Analysis

The system utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze facial patterns and textures to provide accurate identification of individuals.


Search Filter

Adding search filters to reports can enhance the system by enabling the user to filter and sort data effectively.


User-Friendly Interface

The system features a user-friendly interface that users of all levels of technical expertise can easily navigate.


High Accuracy

Customers can view and download the


Quote Management

The system is designed to be highly accurate, with minimal false positives or negatives.

Design Screenshots


Products imported

1.0 lakh+

Accuracy of Crowd Counting

Accuracy rate of 95%

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

response time of under 5 seconds

Scalability and Performance

Track Crowd of 10 Lakh+

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