About Us

Travash was founded in 2005 by a Senior Technologist whose vision was to transform the way the world looked at technology, that is, from a cost center into a profit center. From an initial focus on projects in the United States and later in Europe and the Middle East, Travash has an enviable track record in client retention which exceeds 90%, despite the global turmoil in the past.

Defining Our Purpose: Mission and Vision

Want to Build Amazing Products and Applications
to Grow Your Business?

Generate a more engaged audience

Page interface keeps audience engaged
and improves customer loyalty.


Improve conversion rates

Potential customers have greater chances
of conversion.


Boost brand loyalty

Create a better impression
about your brand.


Build a strong brand identity

Shaping Brands: Empowering Identity for
Lasting Connections.

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We work with diverse brands, organizations, startups, and individuals to create some of the coolest customized applications and mobile apps.

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