Ingenious AI Technology for a Simplified Verification System

Case Study
Web App
Tech Stack
Laravel PHP, MySQL, AI, Face Recognition

Demo of the final product


The Telangana State Police introduce an automated Online Police Verification Certificate(PVC) and Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) called the “i-Verify” facility. The Central and State government offices, Public Sector Undertakings, and defense establishments, which appoint private employees or private employees appointed by these agencies with their referral letters can get PVC.


The Client has a current system manually, they do the verification manually and it takes many days to complete the process and it is difficult to maintain the records.

  • System is manual, it should be online
  • Takes a too long time to verify
  • Low success ratio
  • Data and Analytics
  • Web App
  • Making offline payments


We help out with i-verify designs based on AI technology with Face recognition and Data recognition with a fully automated system.



District-Based Police Forwarding

Forwarding application to respective Police Unit based on district given in applications


Automated Police Clearance

Automated Police Verification & Police Clearance Certificate System


Digital ClearCert System

Digital Certificate for clear and adverse applicant


Bank-integrated Online Payments

Online payment integrated with various bank


Full Details Access

View and download applicant full details and documents


Auto Face & Data Recognition

Automated Face Recognition and Data recognition

Design Screenshots


Improved Accuracy and Reliability

95% or higher

User Adoption and Satisfaction

90% or higher

Reduction in Manual Effort

Achieve a 70% reduction

Enhanced Record Management

Retrieval time of under 10 seconds

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