Spot Consulting is a unique engagement where the client uses Travash from an hour to many hours when it comes to trouble shooting, bug fixing, installation, testing, integration or any of the thousands of issues that are faced on a day to day basis. It is no longer practical for companies to hire all skill sets in house and at times availability of their normal vendors in a specific area is not available too. Travash understands this specific need of the hour and in many cases this could be a mission critical task. Travash Engineers are trained to be professional trouble shooters and in the shortest possible time frame, we identify and rectify the issues.
This unique form of consulting using Travash Manpower is to facilitate cost effective tangible fixes to your problems. With over 500 engagements, Travash have assisted Organizations in all parts of the world in many areas of Business & Technology. Clients needing assistance on a need basis approach Travash and we identify the issue in a few hours and fix the issue. This is where Travash plays the role of a bridge, fulfilling the needs of the client in a critical scenario. These tasks could vary from a simple configuration issue taking an hour to major bug fixes which have not been identified in the past.