IBM(R) Lotus(R) Domino(R) is the Client/server software that complements the Lotus Notes(R) client. Lotus Domino provides the underlying service engines for mail, calendar and scheduling, directory, database, application serving, administration, security, connectivity, web serving and more all in one system. Lotus Domino software provides enterprise-grade collaboration capabilities that can be deployed as a core e-mail and enterprise scheduling infrastructure, as a custom application platform, or both. Lotus Domino server and Lotus Notes client software can help you improve the productivity of your employees and enable users to share, manage and organize information more efficiently. 
IBM Lotus Connections social software can address the challenge by helping people to locate expertise, share information and expand their professional networks to accomplish more in less time. It is designed to empower people to be more effective and innovative by building professional networks of co-workers, partners and customers. With this software, you can find and collaborate with experts, easily locate people and information, build closer partner and customer relationships and foster bottom-up, community-based innovation.