The Healthcare and Life Sciences industry worldwide is witnessing rapid changes. While the Pharmaceutical and Biotech segment continues to be affected by the increase in the number of new chemical entities per R&D dollar spent, the Medical and Life Sciences devices segment is moving towards open standards, interoperability, informatics and electronic patient records. 

Healthcare providers and payers are contending with complex industry regulations, increasing costs and declining reimbursements. All these
changes are driving improvements in IT and process effectiveness. Consolidation, escalating service levels and diminishing margins are also spurring payers to outsource data entry, claims processing and related functions.
Our Presence in Healthcare and Life Sciences 
Today, Travash is the preferred service provider for several leading companies in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry. We offer product engineering services and claims processing solutions through healthcare platforms. 
We offer the following IT competencies in the Healthcare industry:
Enterprise Application Integration using Service Oriented Architecture 
Portal Design/Migration, Content Management, Usability and Security
Application Portfolio Management 
Application Maintenance and Testing
Business Activity Monitoring and Business Intelligence
Our information management solutions to the healthcare industry include solutions for hospital information management systems, intensive care and critical care information management systems, radiology and oncology information management systems, ambulatory and paramedical information management systems, and laboratory information management systems.

Travash is a well established and proven provider of claims management solutions. We have provided custom built solutions for claims processing services in the healthcare insurance space.