Transacting via the Internet has become easier but the nuances of traditional vis-a-vis Technology Oriented Businesses remains the same no matter the geography. Travash understands the importance that Internet plays in Organizations be it for branding, sales and collaboration. The normal misconception is that E-commerce is all about selling products or services but this is not the case. Websites could be used for providing service to the end customer in terms of logistics, delivery schedules, customer service, interaction and lots more. This rounded understanding has helped Travash give
tailored Web based Solutions that suit the Client's budgets and business needs. Travash reengineers the thought process of conventional businesses and translates it into a successful Web Based Solution that encompasses the experience one has in conventional walk-in business and translates it into a virtual experience.
With a clear understanding on how the new wave commerce grows,
Travash has a deep understanding of Social & Digital Media with regards to marketing and brand strategies playing key roles in success. From a Greenfield build to digital strategies, Travash can guide you through the entire gambit of experiences and make your digital realm a profitable one.
From back office operations to front end Customer interaction,
Travash have clearly defined strategies suiting each and every type of Client. Travash does an in-depth study of the Clients business needs and jointly helps in the decision process on the drivers that affect the business and come up with a strategy that helps in defining the way how the world perceives the business. Based on this, Technology is adapted to suit depending on availability of budgets and time-to-market plans are jointly decided.

E-commerce need not be the typical experience where Technology is the driving factor. Travash uses a Product agnostic approach and delivers the best possible solution based on the Clients budget. Therefore, it is the business that determines the technology and not the other way around.