Enterprise Resource Planning is something every business needs.

From a Multi National Corporations to the SME, it is the dream of every Business to have a Solution that helps it to track progress at every step of its way. This not only encompasses the typical business needs but additionally focuses on how the Organization interacts with the world today. Global market places have dramatically changed the way how everyone interacts. Today no Organization is an island and collaboration is the key to success. Travash understands this and knows that it is not the amount one spends on ERP but it is the key business functions.
Travash has expertise in building Greenfield solutions using structured products like SAP, Oracle, & Microsoft Dynamics amongst others in addition to making a bespoke ERP using open source platforms depending on the Clients budgets. Travash works either as a Systems Integrator or as a Core Development Company depending on the needs of the Client.
ERP Solutions can be time consuming and resource intensive qand even large Multinationals have faced a lot of delay in implementing the solutions. Travash understands this and reduces time to market since no solution of ours is done without understanding the exact needs of our Clients. Most ERP implementations require changes in the way the Organizations function even if it is a very efficient way. With Travash we do not believe in reinventing the wheel but to add on to prudent changes only. We do not fix what is not broken and we only translate that into Technological understanding.

When the term ERP is used in business contexts, it most often sends shivers down to the Senior Management since it is not only resource intensive, but it often becomes a bottomless pit with regards to IT spend. We at Travash understand this issue and we aim to focus on closing projects and reducing IT spends. A Solution that cannot be delivered on time is not a Solution and a Solution should be operable by anyone and everyone and not just IT Professionals. We will create interfaces where utilization of an ERP solution need not be feared anymore.