Business is all about data and managing volumes of data today.
Right usage and analysis of data plays a key factor in having the competitive edge for companies. Applications and other processes generate these data and we at Travash have the means to use standard and non standard tools to analyze these stacks of data and help our clients to use them in the right way. This data can be in the form of both structured and unstructured data (as in machine generated). Consequently, bridging the gap between generated data and actionable insights becomes critical.
Our selection of suites addresses this mission critical facet through a fresh approach to the design, development, deployment, and management of Business intelligence systems. Our BI services ensure the availability of business-critical information to your organization's key decision makers in the form that's relevant to them. We do this by synergizing industry-wide best practices, technical expertise, and an intelligent approach to advanced multidimensional statistical methods.
The services are designed to give your organization a clear competitive edge and allowing you to make well informed decisions to substantially enhance your bottom-line profitability. We don't look at Business Intelligence as may have but rather as a critical part of your business strategy which must be tailored to suit your organization's need.

We map after a critical study your data sources and come up with optimal warehousing and intelligence systems to make sure that you're able to leverage the data and maximize the business impact of strategic decisions.
From using tools like Cognos, Informatica, Business Objects, SAS, SSIS; we take you through the experience of using Hadoop, Product R and Hive to get your organization into the mainstream of Big Data Analysis.